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Remember, it is quality of your words and photographs, not the quantity, that will help get your story selected for publication:

Editorial guidelines

• No more than 300 words in MS Word format.
• Attach the text file and the photo file separately to the same email – do not embed a photo in an MS Word document.

• Give us your two best pictures only. If we want more, we'll ask for them.
• Pictures must be at least 300 pixels per inch and in jpeg format. If you set your camera to its finest quality setting, the file size should look after itself. If in sending the image by email, your server asks if you want to reduce the file to make it easier to email, say no.
• Include a caption for the photo in the email and name all the people featured.
• Make sure you include a contact for further information if required.

In Australia, send it to:

In New Zealand and Pacific Islands, send to:


What if my story doesn't get published?

Don't worry f your story doesn't get published in the magazine as you can share it directly on our Facebook page too. Just post it on our page or tag us in an image to share it amongst our networks.

You can also mention @rotarydownunder in your tweets and we'll retweet or reply to you too.

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